About me


Ever since Peter van Beekveld was a child he already knew about his visionary powers. After this first supernatural experience many other talents appeared which forced him to deal with searching for his life-task. He soon learned embracing his presence on Earth and to work with his whole being in the material world.

For many years Peter successfully run his own stucco plasterer company which he sold in 2005. He decided following his path of life exclusively in the spiritual realms. He relied on his 8-years-lasting shamanic education which he completed in order to bring forward and to deepen his spiritual upgrowth.

In the meantime he can look back on a 20-years-lasting practice as Shaman, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. He helps people to recognise their tight inner blockades and/or traumata and to dissolve them. With the client’s permission he “feels” past issues and present potentials inside their energetic aura. The received information are reviewed with the clients and projected onto current environment. This is to offer valuable clues to gridlock patterns and on what the client should draw attention in order to dissolve blockades and barriers. Therefore people can take back their personal responsibility and realize life-tasks and deep wishes.

The 60-year-old Shaman does not only operate in his own shamanic office but also in many external training course rooms offering shamanic attendances, rituals and exercises. Additionally he supports people with his spiritual educations and advanced trainings to that effect finding answers about the assumed unexplainable and the meaning of life in general. Thus he enables them to insert their own light for the higher welfare of all that exists.